About Me

I am a photographer and a teacher. I have been studying in Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw and also graduated in photography from Maria Curie Sklodowska University in Lublin.

I am interested in applying photo medium into contemporary art. I am open to visual experiments but not afraid to reach to tradition.

Selected individual exhibitions:

"C'est la Vie" - Tarnow 2019,

"Shape of Architecture" - Lublin 2018,Pacanow 2018, Zakliczyn 2019, Bren 2019, Ciezkowice 2019, Rzeszow 2020,

"Chałupy Welcome To" - Rzeszow 2018, Warsaw 2019,

"Tomasz Sobczak - jubilee exhibition" - Tarnow 2017,

"Reading a Letter" Katowice 2017,

"Nameless ACT" - Tarnow 2014,

„Nude in 5 Stages ” – Prison in Tarnow 2012,

"Mientowy's Speedway" - Tarnow 2008.